Ed Davenport, Stone Sculptor
Ed Davenport

Ed Davenport, Stone Sculptor

Living on the coast of Mexico nearly 30 years ago, Ed Davenport was inspired by the graceful shapes of the driftwood that washed up on the shoreline, weathered, cured and formed by the elements. Through further carving and polishing, he transformed these shapes into collaborations of mind and nature. He began sculpting the same organic forms in stone, developing a unique individual style that marries motion and shape in innovative and seductive ways. His sculptures delight visually and invite tactile investigation as well. Davenport now works out of Splinter Group Studios in Tucson, Arizona, where he has lived for more than 20 years. He sculpts primarily in marble, some of which he finds locally in the canyons and abandoned quarries of central and southern Arizona. Whether representational or abstract, Davenport's art manifests in stone the sensuality and intrinsic beauty of organic forms. In the artist's word's: “I am fascinated by the contrast between the organic nature of life and the hardness of stone-between the fluid and the solid. Blending these elements in a work of art is an expression of hands and mind that is deeply fulfilling to me. What began as a diversion has become my life's work and continuing passion.”

Largely self-taught, Davenport has studied at various locations throughout the United States and Mexico, including the Belles Artes Art Institute in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico; Montoya Sculpture Studio in Palm Beach, Florida; Marble/marble Symposium in Marble, Colorado; Southwest Stone Carving Symposium in Jemez Springs, New Mexico; Tucson Museum of Art School and Pima County Community College, both in Tucson, Arizona.

Ed Davenport, Stone Sculptor
Ed working on a limestone piece entitled "Generations"

In recent years his art has been shown in several Tucson galleries including Art Forms Gallery, Huntington Trading Company, Alamo Collective Gallery, Eclectic Gallery, The Art Company and various Phantom Gallery locations in the Tucson Arts District. Tubac galleries that have shown his work include the Karin Newby Gallery and the Tubac Center for the Arts, where he was awarded Best of Show in a members' exhibit.

At Rolly Grandbois' Southwest Sculpture Symposium in Jemez Springs, New Mexico, Ed was working on a limestone piece entitled Generations. Davenport has also attended the California Sculpture Symposium in Cambria, California, where he won 1st prize for his piece Genetic Drift.


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